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Enypnion is a game that follows the story of Jonathan, a boy who will embark on a journey to a strange and surreal world. A world of his own creation, since it only exists in his dream. A special guide will accompany and guide him through this journey, providing him with the details needed to understand the world around him.

In this short point & click adventure, you will help Jonathan pass through obstacles, escape dangers, and finally learn something about himself.

The game includes numerous puzzles and objects to be found in more than 20 different locations.

PS. A free Steam key is now available for request for all itch.io buyers.   


Buy Now$2.49 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.49 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Enypnion.zip 340 MB


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Hello,  I recently bought the game on steam, and like it so far. 

But now I am stuck in the place after the prison where you have to interact with the symbols to open the crack.  I have no idea what I am supposed to do.

Could you by chance offer some hints.  I would be really grateful.

Have you clicked the symbols?  Noticed their color? There’s a panel in the room.

Thanks for the tip. I finally managed to get past the part. 

Glad you did. There are a few youtube videos but this particular section has been added in an update.

woooow very nice game!!

Always thrilled to receive such comments. Thank you very much!

Hey there, dropping a comment to tell you that the game looks amazing!
Also, if you are interested in getting it translated to Spanish, hit me up!


Thanks a lot. Who knows maybe there is going to be a Spanish translation at some point.

Those visuals are great! They add up to a very well done ambiance that has the right amount of weirdness in.

The only thing that distracted me a little bit, and this is not an issue only of Enypnion but of most point-and-click adventures, is that sometimes is hard to see the objects you can interact with.  For instance, it was really frustrating until i noticed the scarecrow’s screw by chance when i was moving the mouse frenetically in hopes of finding out what i missed.

Maybe it is the point of this kind of games and it is just me that is broken? Most likely.

In any case, i liked it.

Very glad you liked the game. Maybe it's just us. We are a bit old school in our game design. We grew up playing titles with tiny hotspots in 320 x 200 px resolution on very small monitors. Ahhhhhh those were the times!

It's a very nice and inspiring game, thanks!

Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it.

That was a great experience :)

I loved it!


I don't have any problems with the game,

But the steam key, I didn't find it.

I checked at My Purchases and I have also clicked the Download button below the game, but no Steam Key.

I also checked the mail I've got when I bought the game, but no key.

AND when I downloaded the game, I also checked the folder if the key is in it, but no.

To be honest, It's OK, because I had a great time with Enypnion, so XD

Again, Love It!

Very glad you liked the game but very sorry that you're having problems with the key.

 You are the second person to report such a  thing although the other person eventually managed to claim the Steam key.

Are you sure there's no Steam key in this link when you click the Download button at https://itch.io/my-purchases or in the email confirmation from Itch?

Based on the seller dashboard, I can see that you purchased the game 11 days ago.  Another player claimed his key 9 days ago so I believe that the key must be available somewhere.

Hey Again!

Today I went up to check the steam key again and I GOT IT!!!

I think I just had to be patient for it to arrive.

So Thank You for it and still...

Keep Up The Good Work!

Thanks again! Very glad to hear that the issue was resolved.

Sir If I  may ask where is the Enypnion has a Steam Key?

I bought the game so wheres the steam key file if I may ask?

Hello. Steam keys can be found on your purchase page. Head to https://itch.io/my-purchases and click "Download" on Enypnion and you can find a Steam key claim button there.

Is it controller compatible for a point and click game?

No, unfortunately. 

This has a really great atmosphere. Most enjoyable 

You are very welcome!


No it was created with Visionaire Studio.

Awesome art!

You're welcome!

The art style looks so beautiful and dreamy!! I always dreamed of places like this when I was little.  Looks really promising:)

This looks neat!