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Take control of Mike and Tyler in their effort to investigate a mysterious murder case in an adventure packed with puzzles, beautiful locations and dangerous characters, all provided in a retro fashion.

Mike & Tyler is a point & click  adventure game that is heavily focused on puzzle solving.

The game skips text dialog altogether, in favor of simple comic bubbles. No lengthy dialogs, here. This game is not an interactive story.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorSinking Sheep
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, Colorful, Point & Click, Singleplayer


MikeTylerDemo.zip 175 MB

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Will you also be releasing a full version here and perhaps on Linux?

Hey there, i played your game, i absolutely loved it, it was real fun!, i cant wait to play more of this game, i love the bubbles, keep up the awesome work! 

Thanks a lot. More than thrilled to hear that!Best of lucks with your youtube channel. 

Its awesome!! and thank you!! =]

Thanks for the comments people!

Liked this little teaser... I want to start the investigation. :) Two pieces of feedback. If possible, have no words in the speech bubble, so it's all textless. And, maybe the character you're not controlling could move so as not to obstruct his partner when you make the latter go somewhere. 


Thanks for the feedback. Indeed the idea was not to have any words in the bubbles and eventually the goal is to have them replaced by images as far as they make sense of course.

The second suggestion is a more complicated matter and cannot be a 100% sure that the engine will allow for something like this. Will investigate though.

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Oh hey, nice! Congrats on the release, looks cool.

Hello sorry where I buy this full game.Thanks.

You gotta have a little patience  because the full game hasn’t be released yet.  Meanwhile you can wishlist the game on Steam or follow the account here.